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Jade Hot Massage Stones


Intuitive Massage
60min     $150
90min     $180

Through heart centered personal prayer, chanting, toning, psychotherapy counseling, crystals and divination a space of timeless presence is opened.   Tuning the energetic body can be brought into harmony with all past, present and future lifetimes.​​​  Training with Reiki, traditional shamanic, psychotherapy and spiritual practices, visualizations and connecting with the Divine Self create a safe space where energetic releases and growth can be experienced.  In this session we enter whole and come out whole only having made adjustments to the entirety of being.  Profound shifts in awareness and personal consciousness are commonly experienced.

Intuitive sessions usually run 90 to 120 minutes.  In this session it is requested that all tools each have at their disposal to be made available for the highest good and deepest shifts to occur.​  Any sacred items, talismans or other charms are invited to be shared and placed in one of the crystal grids for increased personalization and integration.

​​Other Information:


All sessions are brought to your preferred location. Travel time over 45 minutes one way will be billed at $1/minute as determined by Google Maps.  Check your distance by using 96746 as my zip code or use this link and enter your address as the starting destination.

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