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Jade Hot Massage Stones

My mission is to bring a whole body repatterning with a compassionate and firm touch to Kauai through massage.  Using all the of the tools we each bring to the table a space is held where the clients' needs are met with grace and ease.  It is my intention to facilitate a safe and powerful session where any past traumas the body is holding can be released in a safe and caring manner.  Clear communication, impeccable listening with awareness and loving touch are the essence of this practice.  Releasing that which no longer serves and opening space for rejuvenation and peace is key to every session. 
No Pain - All Gain!


Who is this phenomenal massage therapist, you ask?


Thomas Wyse has been exploring health and wellness through bodywork and energy practices for over a decade.  Professionally trained in the clinical massage therapy program at The Soma Institute in Chicago he gained the skills necessary to have a solid foundation of anatomy and physiology to support clients through physical rehabilitation from musculoskeletal injuries ranging from sports injuries, slips and falls, vehicle accidents, work strains and surgical procedures.  By applying a wide variety of techniques such as hot stones, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular facilitation, hydrotherapy and lymph massage profound changes in the body's range of motion and posture can be achieved.

Deepening his awareness and touch with CranioSacral Therapy and Chi Nei Tsang has helped open a stillness in the work that facilitates emotional and spiritual releases to occur within sessions.  Facilitating a whole body, mind and spirit approach brings about a more complete appreciation of the entire being.

If you are traveling and are looking for a personalized, authentic Kauai-style massage experience then schedule an appointment right away with BodyWyse Therapies as we do book up fast during the tourist season.

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