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Jade Hot Massage Stones

Massage Me

This is my standard session. All the various skills will be brought to the table to serve you. Every individual will have their need for pressure honored with open communication. This experience is great for everyone. Gentle and firm, relaxing and invigorating this session is excellent at reducing stress related tension. Using tools from many traditions including Swedish and myofascial release a profound shift in well-being can take place in the time it takes to catch a great nap.  One of the best massages you'll ever treat yourself to!

60 minute sessions are perfect for general relaxation or a specific injury. A full body massage is not always necessary or ideal. Many people do not know they can have all the attention focused on the area that they need to mobilize better.


If you are unsure and think you may have several areas in need a 60 minute may feel rushed and not as thorough. I usually recommend everyone book 90 minutes.


Personally, as a therapist, I only book a 120 minute session so both myself and my therapist can drop in completely.

Embracing the local Hawaiian traditions this gentle, flowing massage is as much relaxing as therapeutic. Using long, sweeping strokes from head to the feet Lomi Lomi mimics the grace and hypnotic nature of the ocean's waves to establish lasting change in the body. Gentle rocking, joint mobilizations and breathing exercises help open and release tensions that bodies hold. Truly a treat for your beautiful Maui experience!

This session is a gentle yet deeply moving practice designed to locate and release deeper tensions held in the body.  By establishing pressure on the tissues of the body tensions are released and strength regained.  Techniques used may include Neuro Muscular Therapy, Trigger Point Release, Connective Tissue Massage and Joint Mobilizations.

If you know how you hurt yourself or have a chronic pain I will work with you to create a plan specific for you. We can also work in conjunction with your chiropractic or physical therapy visits.  My work is also aimed towards rehabilitating specific injuries, instilling postural changes as well as recovering from surgical procedures. Techniques used may include Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Release, Connective Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Facilitation, Joint Mobilizations, HydroTherapy and Lymph Drainage.

For clients who want or need more nurturing CranioSacral Therapy make us of gentle holds of the feet, sacrum, spine and cranium provide very subtle shifts in the body's holding patterns. As they are released an opening to the stillness and natural rhythms of the whole being becomes available.  Emotional expressions and a stronger connection to the higher self is often experienced.

Where desired or appropriate heart centered personal prayer, chanting, toning, psychotherapy techniques a space of timeless presence is opened. Tuning the energetic body can be brought into harmony with all past, present and future lifetimes.​​​ Training with Reiki, traditional shamanic, psychotherapy and spiritual practices, visualizations and connecting with the Divine Self create a safe space where energetic releases and growth can be experienced.  Engaging this way we enter whole and come out whole only having made adjustments to the entirety of being. Profound shifts in awareness and personal consciousness are commonly experienced.​ It is requested that all tools each have at their disposal to be made available for the highest good and deepest shifts to occur.​ Any sacred items, talismans or other charms are invited to be shared and placed in the space for increased personalization and integration.

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