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Jade Hot Massage Stones

Tranformatational Reset

Jade Hot Stone
3-4 Hour Exclusive Session

This is the most incredible massage experiences you can find, anywhere.


With what seems like all the time in the world in this session you will experience a smoothly flowing massage embracing all of the skills refined over years of practice paired with an exquisite set of green Jade Hot Stones and white marble cold stones for a deeply healing meditation. The stones will be perfectly placed on and under your body to release tensions and relieve stuck energy before and during the massage. The hot stones are also used with my hands to bring deeply relaxing heat to the touch thus allowing your body to completely let go. 

There is nothing else like it on Maui. It is the type of experience that sets a new standard of what massage can be - truly transformational.

This is an rare opportunity to experience something luxurious and nourishing. It is recommended to have a session like this at least twice a year to simply allow yourself to receive this level of care. Every detail is cared for and tended to.

A mentor passed this technique down to me after receiving it from him. It was a blessing to discover it and an even more incredible gift to be able to offer it myself. I have been practicing it for nearly 8 years and it is always a joy to share.

Due to the nature of the style please allow 3-4 hours from start to finish.

Time is not the focal point.

You will be glad you gave yourself this opportunity.

​Other Information:

All sessions are brought to your preferred location. Travel time over 45 minutes one way will be billed at $1/minute as determined by Google Maps.  Check your distance by using 96746 as my zip code or use this link and enter your address as the starting destination.

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