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Jade Hot Massage Stones


~ Gabriel: Massage Therapist


The most EPIC massage I have ever experienced! A 3 hour hot and cold stone massage! WHAT?! I rank this in the category of life experiences! My body (and nervous system) were melted into a puddle. I have been telling people about this experience ever since.  

While I was laying face down, he placed the hot stones along both sides of my spine and under my shoulders and stomach, then proceeded to massage my body. I felt held by the stones and noticed that the muscles around the stones melted more and more over time. Eventually, he replaced the hot stones along my spine with cold stones, which, at first felt exhilarating, but then quickly led into a deepening of relaxation and letting go. After I flipped onto my back, he placed cold stones and then hot stones on my face, which was an incredible experience. So many little muscles in the face to be softened. 

Thomas has a gift with these stones... always knowing the perfect temperature and placement. He has perfected the Art of Stone Therapy. There are plenty of massage therapists who can use hot stones though few have mastered this as an art.

I highly recommend this experience to anyone. I felt so thoroughly and completely touched and met. He holds a safe and loving container for people to let go!


Thank you Thomas Wyse! 


I will be back!

~ Doug R: Marathon Runner


A few days ago I had the good fortune of receiving a 2 hr deep tissue massage from Thomas. Right from the start his experience and intuitive approach were evident. The massage was one of the very best I've received here on Kauai. I've already scheduled another appointment for tomorrow. Thomas is now at the top of my list for massage therapy during my yearly visits to Kauai.

~ Ty La: Yoga Teacher


Best massage ever! I felt completely safe the entire time, and I'm very sensitive when it comes to male therapists. Thomas was strong and sensitive, always knowing when to use more or less pressure. He had an intuitive touch using hot and cold stones which were an amazing sensory experience. It allowed my muscles to tighten momentarily and soften even deeper. I like that Thomas came to me and massaged me in my home, he brought all the stones and the heating/cooling mechanisms which is a lot of gear, and he made it look so graceful. I am still in Awe with the beautiful art form he has perfected through massage. I highly recommend booking a session!

~ Wendy Amell: Flight Attendant


Thomas is an extremely gifted intuitive therapist! His hands are strong but gentle and he has a knack for locating those nasty knots and working them out. He is extremely professional and sensitive to your needs. I'm very looking forward to my next session.

~ Thalyn Nikolau: Massage Therapist


As a massage therapist, I am very particular about who I receive treatment from. I usually set a standard of satisfaction too high for the average human. Thomas is a quantum leap beyond the average human. His multi-disciplined mastery of technique coupled with an impeccable intuitive connection to his client, enabled me to experience one of the most profound healing sessions of my life.​​​

~ Rachel: Student


I have received several sessions with Thomas and am always amazed with how great I feel during and after the work. His gentle presence and knowledgeable hands allow my body to release tension easily, deepen my connection to my own body, and promote a deep sense of relaxation. I was in a car accident and he worked with my insurance company to provide medical massage therapy which enabled my healing process to speed up exponentially. His motto of "No pain, All gain" helped release the fears and trauma of impact in an environment of safety and trust that my body was being listened and attended to with the utmost care and precision. Highly recommended.


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