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Jade Hot Massage Stones


I have been accumulating testimonials both directly from private clients as well as well as indirectly from studios that I have worked with. Most of these reviews can be found posted on Yelp!, Google or Facebook from the studios who have honored me to serve their client base.

~ Gabriel: Massage Therapist

The most EPIC massage I have ever experienced! A 3 hour hot and cold stone massage! WHAT?! I rank this in the category of life experiences! My body (and nervous system) were melted into a puddle. I have been telling people about this experience ever since.  While I was laying face down, he placed the hot stones along both sides of my spine and under my shoulders and stomach, then proceeded to massage my body. I felt held by the stones and noticed that the muscles around the stones melted more and more over time. Eventually, he replaced the hot stones along my spine with cold stones, which, at first felt exhilarating, but then quickly led into a deepening of relaxation and letting go. After I flipped onto my back, he placed cold stones and then hot stones on my face, which was an incredible experience. So many little muscles in the face to be softened. Thomas has a gift with these stones... always knowing the perfect temperature and placement. He has perfected the Art of Stone Therapy. There are plenty of massage therapists who can use hot stones though few have mastered this as an art.I highly recommend this experience to anyone. I felt so thoroughly and completely touched and met. He holds a safe and loving container for people to let go!

Thank you Thomas Wyse! 

I will be back!

~ Doug R: Marathon Runner

A few days ago I had the good fortune of receiving a 2 hr deep tissue massage from Thomas. Right from the start his experience and intuitive approach were evident. The massage was one of the very best I've received here on Kauai. I've already scheduled another appointment for tomorrow. Thomas is now at the top of my list for massage therapy during my yearly visits to Kauai.

~ Ty La: Yoga Teacher

Best massage ever! I felt completely safe the entire time, and I'm very sensitive when it comes to male therapists. Thomas was strong and sensitive, always knowing when to use more or less pressure. He had an intuitive touch using hot and cold stones which were an amazing sensory experience. It allowed my muscles to tighten momentarily and soften even deeper. I like that Thomas came to me and massaged me in my home, he brought all the stones and the heating/cooling mechanisms which is a lot of gear, and he made it look so graceful. I am still in Awe with the beautiful art form he has perfected through massage. I highly recommend booking a session!

~ Wendy Amell: Flight Attendant

Thomas is an extremely gifted intuitive therapist! His hands are strong but gentle and he has a knack for locating those nasty knots and working them out. He is extremely professional and sensitive to your needs. I'm very looking forward to my next session.

~ Thalyn Nikolau: Massage Therapist

As a massage therapist, I am very particular about who I receive treatment from. I usually set a standard of satisfaction too high for the average human. Thomas is a quantum leap beyond the average human. His multi-disciplined mastery of technique coupled with an impeccable intuitive connection to his client enabled me to experience one of the most profound healing sessions of my life.

~ Rachel: Student

I have received several sessions with Thomas and am always amazed with how great I feel during and after the work. His gentle presence and knowledgeable hands allow my body to release tension easily, deepen my connection to my own body, and promote a deep sense of relaxation. I was in a car accident and he worked with my insurance company to provide medical massage therapy which enabled my healing process to speed up exponentially. His motto of "No pain, All gain" helped release the fears and trauma of impact in an environment of safety and trust that my body was being listened and attended to with the utmost care and precision. Highly recommended.


Thomas is my go-to, i always feel like I'm floating on air and refreshed when i leave, his massages are magical.

~Thea W.

Oh man.  This massage was so good.  I have been a little overwhelmed with work so my husband booked me a 90 minute hot stone and deep tissue combo massage.  My massage therapist, Thomas, was punctual, super friendly, efficient and just amazing.  It can be difficult for me to find someone who will deliver the amount of pressure I want in my neck and shoulders, but when I asked him for deeper work he happily obliged.  He also stayed in really clear communication with me, both verbally and physically, noticing little nuances that sometimes get missed- it felt like deeply intelligent and intentional massage work. I also want to say I'm a woman, and he came to my home when I was there alone.  He made me feel incredibly safe and comfortable, to where I didn't even bristle when he worked on my stomach, an area I usually feel too vulnerable to let people work on, even if I've seen them several times. The hot stones were new to me and absolutely phenomenal, the heat helps melt any resistance to the work, so it can sink in deeply without being aggressive.  Thomas is amazing, and I think that is obviously true of the whole business, given the excellent reviews on every platform.  You need to book with these guys. And I definitely need to reconfigure my budget because this massage was LYFE.  Can't wait for round 2:

~Lorelei Torino

Thomas has got to be one of the most thorough personalized therapists out there. The whole experience was more than I imagined. 


I had a Lomi Lomi and added craniosacral therapy with Thomas, which was quite literally the best massage of my life. Thomas is a magical healer and an example of someone living out their true life's purpose. Thomas made me feel safe and interacted beautifully with me (and my tight muscles). He listened to all my concerns and completely put my mind and body at ease. I left feeling like I had some sort of transcendental healing experience. As a bonus I am able to move my neck and hips in ways I haven't in maybe years.

~Lisa W

The Lomi Lomi treatment was simply outstanding. Thomas was very skilled and attentive to my specific needs. During the treatment Thomas helped me with breathing techniques and left me feeling refreshed and renewed, It was so great I booked another treatment with him. I left the spa feeling like a new person.


Like many, I too had to work from home and I developed pain in my back region.  I have been having pain for the last 10 months. And now I’m confident with Thomas’ service that I can begin to lIve a less pain free life again. feel so much better after my first session.


I’m definitely going to send referrals your way!

~Alexa S.

Thomas was very accommodating, peaceful, and knowledgeable even providing strategies I could use at home. After leaving, my body immediately felt more balanced.

~Kathy M.

Thomas is so amazing, he doesn't rush, he's in touch with what's going on in your body. He is respectful and helps you to understand what's happening in your body, at the same time he's bringing healing to your body & mind.

~Branden Balles
I was gifted a massage from my employer & I am so amazed. Thomas is incredibly skilled, confident, & helpful in all ways of Massage Therapy & his experience, anecdotes, & wisdom truly will help me, my journey, & my body, for years to come.


10/10 would recommend, revisit, & remember whole heartedly.

~J L.

Easily one of the best massages I've ever had.  Thomas was very relaxed and easy going, helping me to get into the mental space where muscles can relax so he can do his thing.  His hands and elbows were incredibly strong and focused, intuitively zeroing in on trigger points without spilling over into adjacent tissue.  The body work was far from the "cookie cutter" vacation massage, where you feel like your therapist is working off a corporate massage playbook (3 min low back, 4 minutes on neck, etc.).  Overall, it was really a fantastic experience and one that is highly recommended.

~De A.
I had an outstanding experience, thanks to the gentle expertise of Thomas.

I had a persistent pain, which started in my neck and traveled around, winding a path through my shoulders, upper back, lower  back, and then settled in my left shoulder (mostly). I had tried rest, personal stretching, sleeping on my back, aspirin, which helped, actually, but didn't permanently alleviate the pain. It had been going on for six weeks when I finally gave in, and said I needed help from a professional.


A truly well trained massage therapist will consult with you on your pain, as Thomas did. He listened to my description. He asked questions. He moved my arm in different ways gently, and pressed my shoulder and arm in different areas to determine a direction for therapy.


Although there were pain during the initial consultation, Thomas assured me that the forthcoming massage was not about being able to tolerate pain, but to find the source and to relieve the pain.

I swear I was feeling better in about ten minutes into the hour session. He used a combination of deep tissue, pressure points, and medium to firm muscle strokes. When it was over, I felt 80% to 90% better and could nearly rotate my arm like before. However, there was still soreness and stiff muscles to contend with. Thomas taught me different massages I could do on my own, to help myself at home, which I appreciated. He wasn't trying to sell me on more services but educate me on how to take care of myself.


I am definitely going to return.

~Yelena P.

W-O-W!!! I am blown away by my massage from Thomas. I know everyone says they have the best masseuse, but Thomas blows everyone out of the water. I immediately knew I was in for an EXTRAordinary experience from the get-go. Part massage, part energy healer, he was able to work out my knots and kinks. I will always go back to Thomas every time I am in Maui - which is a few times a year! Pro-tip: go for the 90 minutes, its sooooo worth it!!

~Cecily S.

Wonderful from start to finish. Thomas is an amazing massage therapist. I look forward to booking another session with him as soon as possible.

~ Travis Mears

One of the best massages I have ever had! Thomas is a fantastic practitioner with a lot of knowledge. I will absolutely be booking another massage the next time I'm in Maui! Thanks again Thomas!


~Shannon Thibodeaux

I have had a ton of massages in my life. It’s my self care but I would have to rate this extremely high. Thomas did a fantastic job. Extremely skilled and worked hard the entire time.


~ Alex Herring

My wife and I received deep tissue massage from Thomas. Excellent technique service attitude and experience.


~Pamela Paz

Omg! Best massage I’ve ever had. My boyfriend and I were in Maui and decided to do a couples massage. Found this LMT and they come to where your staying. They set up tables and music... And began working on us. I had Thomas and omg 5 stars without a doubt, 1 of the best massages I've ever had. Request him!


~Nicole -  Michelle and Thomas gave the best couples massage for my husband and I on our wedding Anniversary. And the cherry on top is they traveled to our Airbnb and set up right in the living room.

My husband said Thomas was one of his top 10 massages in the world (we travel a lot together).


~Shalonda Bedenfield

I have traveled many places, and received massages while on vacations. This was the BEST!!!! Thank you Thomas!!!!!

~Ceece Prince

Thomas was amazing! Came into our hotel room and I can honestly say that was hands down the best massage I've ever had. Thomas was phenomenal!

~Molly Stothard

My husband and I got a couples massage during our honeymoon trip. I had a great massage from Thomas. I loved the oils and hot towels they used and it was so convenient that they came to where we were staying! I would definitely use this service again and recommend it to a friend!


~Anne R.
Thomas gave me an amazing massage, just what was needed. He was able to gauge how hard to work my muscles and mind. Thank you! I highly recommend Thomas.


~Cassandra L.
Thomas was an amazing massage therapist. I received the best massage I ever had! He really is an energy worker. If you're feeling muscle soreness and/or stressed he's the guy. He gave me amazing advice regarding relaxing and worked out all my knots. Super professional and kind!

~Michelle H.
Thomas honoured me with a 90 minute session that was professional and amazing . Hot Coconut oil, ylang ylang and hot towels what more could you ask for?- other than a therapist who knows understands the body. 

Heading back for a second round with Thomas!


~Emily G.
On vacation with my mom and sister. We decided to end our trip with a massage. I had Thomas as my therapist. The mini consultation prior to the massage was great. I was able to discuss specific areas I wanted to focus on. The actual massage was one of the best I've ever had. It was as if Thomas knew what my body needed.

We all left feeling relaxed and happy.


~Susan Z
Thomas gave a stellar massage. My back was in knots and my knee was aching. He helped me relax and worked sore muscles. So blessed you are here on Maui for this great service!


This was the best deep tissue massage I have ever had.


Thomas was my therapist for the session and he was very attuned to my need for fixing problem muscles. I’ve had SO many massages over the last twenty plus years, finding it difficult to have someone get to the source of my issues with enough pressure.


I walked out feeling fantastic and like my trouble spots might be less trouble for a while.


Only issue? I live in Michigan and it’s too far to come back regularly.

~Christina H.
Thomas was AMAZING!  Best massage I've ever had and I'm very particular.


~Kalaya P. 
Thomas is excellent at calming my spirit and giving me a great deep tissue massage!!!


~Shirley G
The best massage I had ever!!! I had a 120-min prenatal full body massage with Thomas, who provided excellent care and best massage technique! The whole experience was great, he did not just help me get the stress and tension due to pregnancy relieved, but also help with some stretching of my lower body, which is very very helpful to reduce the tension I got from pregnancy. I also enjoy the head massage at the end and immediately made an appointment for a facial massage next week. It’s great for releasing your stress here! Definitely worth the money!

Thomas performed an outstanding massage focusing on issues we had discussed prior to the session. Deep tissue massage asking several times about pressure or making suggestions for various ways of strengthening/ stretching sore muscles. Also walked away with a reference for acupuncture that I inquired about.


This was the best massage treatment I have ever had in my entire life! Thomas was Awesome!!!!


~Maria McGuinnes Ruckle
Thomas was amazing! He explained exactly what he was doing and what to expect.


My daughters and I wanted a massage before we left Maui, so we called. Both my daughters had Thomas and couldn’t stop raving about him and his technique.


~Kim L.
Great massage by Thomas. Last minute availability was appreciated!


~Katrina S.
Thomas is an excellent massage therapist and my SwellWomen guests also had great experiences with their massages. Thank you!


~Suzan P.
Thomas is awesome and extremely intuitive, helped me alot.

~Kim L.
Always a relaxing great experience with Thomas’ massages!


~Kimberly B.
Thomas was amazing!!!


~Michelle F.
Great massage from Thomas!


~Christina A.
Thomas was amazing


~Sherry Lynn S.
Really appreciated Thomas and his ability to connect.


~Karen W.
Thomas was great!


~Christina P.
Thomas was AMAZING!! Best massage I’ve ever had


~Rita K
My massage with Thomas was excellent.

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