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Jade Hot Massage Stones


Craniosacral Therapy
60min    $115
90min    $155

Gentle holds of the feet, sacrum, spine and cranium provide very subtle shifts in the body's holding patterns.  As they are released an opening to the stillness and natural rhythms of the whole being becomes available.  Emotional expressions and a stronger connection to the higher self is often experienced.

These sessions usually run 90 minutes.

Other Information:

Insurance claims allowed!

Anyone with a no-fault insurance claim, work related injury or personal insurance with a doctors referral (prescription) for massage can now be accepted and receive the healing work they need!

All sessions are brought to your preferred location. Travel time over 45 minutes one way will be billed at $1/minute as determined by Google Maps.  Check your distance by using 96746 as my zip code or use this link and enter your address as the starting destination.

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